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HANGAR96 is not a name given in moments when we had no inspiration. It has a completely logical meaning. Each of us remembers at least one family member, perhaps a neighbor, who created projects and repaired in the garage. Maybe he fixed the bike to a neighbor’s kid and brought a smile to his face, maybe he helped his daughter around a technical project. However, that garage has always been about creating, creating, repairing for the better. What would these people do if they had the whole hangar to themselves? You know what a hangar is, don’t you?

Hangar 96 marks the place of creation of new ideas. It is a space where we can freely arrange our tools to reach the sky, to create something, and brought a smile to someones face.

If you turn the number 96, you will see the number 69. For some, it’s bad, isn’t it?

We draw attention in any case, or… whichever way you turn it, 96-69.

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